Accessory Ideas for Classy Formal Dresses

What to wear and how to execute it flawlessly are common concerns when it comes to formal dresses. The major challenge is your wardrobe may be full of accessories, but few of them match formal occasions. You also have to worry about your hair, but let’s talk about that later.

The main battle is finding a beautiful dress. Once you’ve covered that, the rest is just side-dressing (pun intended). Here are a few accessory ideas that will make you turn heads in your formal dress.


Stilettos used to be the acceptable option, but flats are now the “in” thing. Rhinestones, sequins, and other appliques are also acceptable. Ballerina flats, wedges and shiny gladiator sandals pair well with most formal gowns.

Clutch Purses

Clutches were designed for these types of occasions. They are stylish, elegant and ultra-feminine. Colour choices will depend on your dress. However, there are safe choices like silver and gold that match any dress. Such colours go well with your ring.


Earring choices have always been tricky. However, you can match them to your hairstyle and the embroidery on the top part of your dress. Another handy trick that they use on red carpets is to match earrings to necklaces and other jewelry.


Tiaras and headbands add a classy touch to formal gowns. If you have long hair, you can comb them in an updo. They also look good on short hair. You can match it to the rest of your jewelry and even your shoes. The approach to tiaras should be subtle so that it doesn’t upstage the rest of your ensemble.


Your jewelry choices play the most significant role in determining how you’ll wear your hair. For instance, if you wish to wear large chandelier or clunky earrings and a tiara, then an updo is appropriate. There no rules on how to dress it up but remember, subtlety is critical when it comes to anything formal.