Things to Do with Old Bridesmaid’s Dresses

It’s every bride’s dream for their bridesmaids to be able to wear that dress even after the wedding. But, this is often merely wishful thinking. How much time can you wear a bridesmaid’s dress? It’s not that practical for most occasions.

Throwing out such an elaborate gown is wasteful. However, there ways you can reuse it or repurpose it to fit other functions. Here are a few things you can do with your old bridesmaid dress:

Dye It

If your dress was made from a light-coloured fabric, you could dye it a darker colour. There are home tailoring kits that can help you with this endeavour. You can also take it to a professional. Black is a practical option, as it never goes out of style and can be put on when a person is planning to go to various places.

Donate It

Throwing out such a lovely gown is an offence to the bride and nature. If you can’t repurpose or reuse the dress, please consider putting it in a donation box at a local charity or thrift shop. You might inadvertently make someone else very happy with this small act of kindness.

Wear It as a Halloween Costume

You can go to your next Halloween party as a bridesmaid. Add a little twist to it with the appropriate accessories. You can go as a zombie bridesmaid or a vampire queen. If you add a tiara, you can be a princess, and if you add a sash, you become an instant beauty queen.

Convert It into a Cocktail Dress

Long flowing gowns will make you look out of place on most occasions outside weddings. However, with a few nips and tucks, it can be repurposed into an elegant cocktail dress. If you’re not good at with thread and needles, consult a tailor.