Look, we know that being a bridesmaid can be tough times, at least we made a dress that won't bum you or your squad out even more. Our designs are simple, wearable and flattering. Our fabrics are non-shiny, non-clingy and drape in just the right way. They don't need much in way of alterations AND you can tie these bad-boys in over 20 different ways. NBD.

They are a fan fave because they are super comfy, stylish, modern and versatile dresses that your clients can keep forever and wear a bunch more times! These babies are made in Canada, so you can feel all warm and fuzzy about that too. Its nice to know that someone out there has got your back!

Arroh & Bow was first created in 2006 under the name Isadora and later Muse Bridal, and was one of the pioneers of convertible dresses. In 2014 the brand was taken over and revamped by Meg Brunetti and Arroh & Bow was born. We are proud to say that all of our dresses are handmade in Canada, in-studio where fabric is hand-cut and sewn by our talented team.